About Us

Everyone in the Philadelphia is talking about Well Feet, a Chinese foot massage Spa. We are located at Grant Shopping Center.

When you come to Well Feet Spa, you will experience an affordable luxury, peaceful retreat and a healing process of foot massage. We practice the art of acupressure and reflexology that is proven to improve circulation, insomnia, muscle pain, headache, etc.

People from all over Philadelphia come to Well Feet Spa. Diabetic patients come because foot massages help their circulation. Athletes visit us because our foot massages sooth their muscle pain. Musicians walk in for shoulder massages caused by their heavy instruments pulling on them. And elderly people want our massages to help them get better sleep at night.

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Business Hours:7 days a week 10am-9:00pm
Tel: 267-888-1386
Address: 1900 Grant Avenue (Grant Shopping Center),  Philadelphia, PA 19115